Q1 of 2022 Lord of War was able to secure a Strategic Alliance with AWARDPOOL, an industry leader, offering Play and Earn platforms in the Web 3, NFT, Crypto and Blockchain space.  

AWARDPOOL is founded and run by Reuben Coven, one of the early creators of IAAS (Infrastructure-As-A-Service) and a pioneer in Cloud Computing. 

AWARDPOOL is a major player and influencer in both the Web 3.0 and NFT domain, with a powerful captive customer base of 1.5 billion on their Play and Earn platform. 

This mutually beneficial Alliance has allowed Lord of War to very closely work with Reuben and his team - AWARDPOOL sees value in the LOW brand, and his unique subject matter expertise has been passed on to our team.  This has given Lord of War a deep knowledge and understanding under of the latest trends and technologies surrounding the Crypto vertical, and we have thus incorporated into the Lord of War strategy and business model accordingly.

Currently we offer NFT’s that are Smart Contracted on to the Blockchain.  LOW uses these NFT’s as not only an additional source of funding, but also an enhancement to our unique interactive engagement with the public.   Owning certain NFT’s that we offer with a UTILITY, allows end-users to gain perks - such as multipliers for when they vote - increasing brand loyalty along the way.  LOW has additional NFT’s with utilities as well.

Fans can procure the proprietary NFT related to their favorite Gladiator, Lord, Team, or Lady of War, throughout the season. Fans then get rewarded with points for each NFT they hold and can exchange for crypto and purchase other NFT’s. This gives Lord of War an additional source of recurring revenue and is another powerful differentiator. Fans can also purchase Collector's items, and gain access to Merchandise, Event passes, with a virtual limitless list of other items and benefits that help both customer retention and long-term revenue growth. This is also an extremely valuable for Advertisers, offering multiple mediums for their brand as well. The possibilities are endless!