Lord of War (LOW), Gladiator Games is the first broadcast reality TV series of its kind - pairing both the intensity of hand-to-hand combat with the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry.  LOW brings an immersive, powerful experience for viewers in multiple demographics, with real-time audience involvement on any connected device.  Designed specifically for maximum Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) acquisition, LOW introduces a new medium for Domestic and International audiences: The Reality Combat Game (RCG).

This disruptive, mega-content, LIVE production is slated to launch this summer in the heart of Miami! Lord of War combines the powerful elements of the most successful shows on Television, breaching barriers-to-entry, and offering a proven multimedia formula with distinct differentiators. Lord of War encompasses a similar business model to that of the UFC and American Ninja Warrior, portrayed in a reality story line akin to The Hunger Games.  Lord of War also includes captivating, dynamic production elements as seen in Game of Thrones and Mad Max, all presented live in our bespoke WAR ARENA. Lord of War goes even further and embeds forward-thinking technologies to offer a true immersive experience for viewers with real-time audience voting for bouts that are not won unanimously by TKO or Submission – the viewers are the judges. 

The Game:

 The Lords will have to navigate and strategize every move based on the ever-changing landscape of audience input, variety of challenges, wild cards, wins/losses, and prize money. All while the Gladiators compete over a 4-month tournament filled with multiple explosive exhibitions.

 The games will take place in our custom-built, brute (Mad Max meets Game of Thrones) -themed Arena. This unique venue is designed primarily of shipping containers, set inside a 60k Sqft facility with 30’ ceilings. All events are Black-Tie / Red-Carpet inside the Lord of War bespoke Arena, housing 1800 of the “who’s who” of Miami.  There are no tickets sold, all attendees will be by private invitation-only, and to include: Celebrities, Pro Athletes, Moguls, Tycoons, Influencers, and the top echelon of Miami society.

 Why Lord of War?

 The framework of Lord of War allows for new and exciting games every season. Our Founders have their roots in Washington, DC, and have leveraged their powerful Network to form a strategic Alliance with a Global System’s Integrator and Defense Contractor. This partnership is focused on developing an existing carbon fiber impact-resistant smart suit and helmet, currently being deployed for field use by the military in multiple combat theaters. These suits capture and compare impact data to blunt force trauma data in real-time, allowing for full-on weapons combat, and are being modified to fit the Lord of War Gladiators! Fighters will compete with real “Life Bars” above their head, like a real-life Tekken!

Since the initial press release, announcing the show to a public, the momentum has been growing at a humbling pace.  We have been fortunate enough to have discussions with some of the industry’s pioneers, including Weinstein Group, UFC, Lionsgate and MGM that ended up in a couple network deal offerings already.   

February 2022, the show has been nominated for an innovation Award at the 2022 Streaming Film Festival in Monaco, where our Executive Producer and CEO, Paris Tsitos will be a guest speaker on both the Sports and NFT panels.  This event is the week of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix in Monaco where we have a suite and will have Medusa and our show hostess Taciana Davidson. 

Most recently, the Lord of War Team finalized a major partnership with AWARDPOOL and are launching our cutting edge NFT platform this month which has a reach over 1.5billion! 

The Lord of War Mission:

Our goal and mission is to disrupt and create a paradigm shift in the rapidly expanding and trending platform for media streaming content.  Lord of War inherently fills the gaps in both entertainment and sports streaming while providing dynamic content in the gaming domain. The 4-month, 12-episode season will have an opening and closing ceremony, exhibition-based regular and post-season filmed Live. This exciting and diverse series features hand-to-hand combat, drama, excitement, and suspense while exposing the eccentric, behind-the-scenes lifestyles of the wealthy, popular, trendy, and sought-after Miami area. This is a combination that has never been seen before and will appeal to both Domestic and G International audiences. 



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